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Credit Cards and the College Student


Congratulations. You are an adult now. Probably living alone for the very first time. Don’t be surprised to one day find yourself, being enticed  on campus, to signing up for a credit card. I thought it was crazy when it happened to me. I was a lowly starving student without a job. If you must do it.  Signing up for your first credit card, make sure if you are going to use it, know what you are doing, and please make sure you will be able to make the payments. Don’t become chained to credit card debt like most Americans.


It is so much better to know credit and credit cards explained. I have attached a few videos that I found that unveils the mysteries of credit cards. I am happy to say, I don’t have any credit card debt. I am not chained and enslaved by it. Yes have I have a great credit score but it was not so, long ago but I learned. Learn now so you don’t regret it later.


You need credit in order to purchase a car (w/o cosigners), a house, etc. Even though I detest credit cards, they have given me my credit score. When you don’t really need to use your card, use this rule of thumb: “If you have it (money), buy it (whatever it is that you want to buy), if you don’t…don’t (use a credit card).” I use this advice.

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College Freshman Advice


The goal for this bit of college freshman advice, is to provide some helpful tips on making college an easier transition. College can be an intimidating place, when you are clueless.

 Remember that college is not high school. In high school, you may have been the smartest and best looking student in your class. In college, you’ll find that there will always be someone faster, prettier, and smarter than you. Take college classes seriously and stay humble.  When meeting your roommate or fellow classmates, try not to be too full of yourself.

Before classes begin, go looking for your classrooms. On a planner, which is a must-have when staying on top of assignments and test, write all of your class information. If you get a syllabus before classes begins, write all of the assignments, quizzes, and test dates in your planner. Remember, everything is subject to change so have some type of “white-out” product handy. Great for making changes to your planner.

When it comes to textbooks, before schools starts, email your professors to ask if you can use a later edition of the required textbook. You may find that some won’t mind. You just have to ask. Buying the earlier edition will save you lots of money.  Check out and see how much you will be saving.  If you don’t hear back for them, generally the professors will tell you if they will require you to purchase the required book. Many times they don’t because they will provide all of the important information in their lectures.

Think about sitting in the first couple of rows in class. Ask your professors questions before or after class. If you are not understanding your assignment, make use of your professor’s office hours and write that information somewhere in your planner.

Make sure to save all of your assignments on either Dropbox or Google Docs. You won’t have to be afraid of misplacing or losing your thumbdrive ever again. With Dropbox or Google Docs, you can upload your assignment on to your colleges web application (i.e., Blackboard or Campus Portal ) or you can print your assignment from any computer.

Getting aquainted with the people in your class is extremely important and helpful.  If one of you forgets their textbook, you can share and since you already have already introduced yourselves, it won’t be awkward. This is true about sharing notes too. You never know when you’ll miss class. Also, before a test, you can ask them if they want to get together to study. Many colleges have study rooms in their libraries. Some are for one person and others are for alarger group of people. You just have to reserve the room at the front desk.

College is filled with a diverse class of people. Many come from different parts of the world. Don’t shy away from getting to them. You’ll find that people from other parts of the world or country, have some very interesting conversations, ideas, and points of view. Afterall, everyone’s environments and experiences are not the same. When you interact with other groups of people, you become a well-rounded person. Your eyes will see the world differently.

In summary, take college seriously; find your classrooms ahead of time; write your class information in a planner; don’t buy your textbooks before you know whether or not they are required; if you have questioons, visit your professor during office hours; use Dropbox or Google Docs for saving your assignments; and finally, get to know your classmates and a don’t be afraid of getting to know a deverse group of people.



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