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Studying Tips


How many times have you heard the basic studying tips, “Been there, done that.” The YouTube video below is very interesting and will give you ideas on different types of studying tips which you might find helpful. It’s called, “8 Advanced Study Tips” by Thomas Frank.





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Getting Straight A’s In College


Four years sounds like a long time to commit to getting good grades in college. I can assure you that it goes by fast. Stay committed to making the best grades and surrounding yourself with friends that want to do well in college and study.  You can motivate each other and study together.


Be friendly to the students in class that sit by you and always attend. You can both benefit by sharing notes if one of you miss class. Study groups before a midterm or final are wonderful. Generally most college libraries have study rooms. You can reserve on in time for your group to get together and study.


When I saw the YouTube Video called, “The Secret To Straight A’s” by YesReneau, I had to share it with you.  It’s filled with strategies that I too used in college.

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Note Taking Techniques


My favorite noting taking technique has always been the Outline Style note taking method. I also recorded many of my lectures and went back to my notes to see if I wasn’t too clear on what was said. This way, if you didn’t understand something that may have been vague, you can meet with your professor during office hours and have your question clarified.

Below is a wonderful YouTube video by Thomas Frank that give your five ideas on a note taking technique. You might find a better way of taking notes.


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Dorm Room Revisited


If you have recently graduated college and you were one of thousands of students who couldn’t wait to get their degree and get the heck out of Dodge. Chances are, you won’t be visiting your old campus or dorm room anytime soon.

Some of us, still wake up in cold sweat. Fearful of not having the assignment thats due. Or the midterm or final exam which your unprepared to take.  Don’t know about you, but it was about a few years when I started missing living on campus and going to class.

In high school, I was not the best student. I hung out with a friend whom didn’t like school and didn’t want us to look like two “school girls.” We were snazzy dressers, well groomed, and flirty. I was much like Mary Poppins. I stayed out of trouble but did manage to go out on lots of dates. Once I went to college an hour or so away from my hometown, I began to make better grades. I didn’t see many people that I knew around campus. I loved living on campus although, I didn’t love living with roommates. I went from Mary Poppins to a toned down version of Emmanuelle.

If only my old dorm room walls could talk.  The conversation would be pretty boring. They would primarily speak of lots and lots of study time and coffee. I took very challenging classes so I didn’t do too much more than studying. I had lots of fun but I just knew when to not let it get in the way.

Watch the video below and reminisce and relive life in a Havard dorm room with Mark Zuckerberg. If I had been a fly on his dorm room, I would have seen lots of geeky action. 🙂


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