We have a selection of appliances, essential for college dorm living. They can be used during and after college.


Browse our selection of coffee makers, microwaves, and refrigerators. The selection of coffee makers on our website, are ideal for making a smaller portions of coffee. We also have regular size coffee makers for making larger portions.

The selection of microwaves are great. Ideal for preparing meals and/or heating beverages.  Make sure to only use only microwave proof dishes. Browse our college dorm cookbooks, for cooking ideas. There will be days you won’t want to eat at the college cafeteria so having these appliances are ideal.

Our selection of small sized refrigerators are essential for dorm room living.  Keeping food and beverages cold.  Even if your roommate has one, it is always a good idea to have your own. Sometimes roommates move out and will take their appliances with them.

NOTE: It’s good practice to check with your university resident hall for the description of the appliances that are allowed.

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