College Gear and Supplies

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Check out our wide selection of popular backpacks. Sturdy, weather proof, and an esstential college product. Choose from a wide selection of colors and designs.

We offer various selections of calendars to keep you on top of your assignments and tests.

First, there are desk calendars, which is on your desk and easily accessible. You won’t forget an important school assignment or event.

Secondly, we have a selection of wall calendars that you will find useful if you want to write down other curricular activities or appointments.

Last but not least, choose from a wide varity of planners that you can take with you in your backpack. You can add important assignment and test due dates. You can also purchase stickers to add a bit of flare to your planner.

Our selection of backpacks, calendars, and planners are essential popular items. A must for every college student.

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