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Choose must have items for your room. These items are great for your closet, for decorating, organizing, and for keeping your valueables safe.

There is not a lot of space in a dorm room. You might just have one closet which you and your roommate must share. Browse through our closet category for space saving hangers.

You will be spending lots of time in your dorm room, have some fun decorating it. Check out our selections of decorations, which will add some pazzazz to any room.

Dorm rooms have limited amount of space. Organization is key to finding things and making them fit. Browse our selection of organizational items.

A crucial item for any college student is a safe, for storing your valuables. Many times you might not know who you will be roommates with or will not know the friends that they take to the room when you are out in class or away for the weekend.

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