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Credit Cards and the College Student


Congratulations. You are an adult now. Probably living alone for the very first time. Don’t be surprised to one day find yourself, being enticed ¬†on campus, to signing up for a credit card. I thought it was crazy when it happened to me. I was a lowly starving student without a job. If you must do it. ¬†Signing up for your first credit card, make sure if you are going to use it, know what you are doing, and please make sure you will be able to make the payments. Don’t become chained to credit card debt like most Americans.


It is so much better to know credit and credit cards explained. I have attached a few videos that I found that unveils the mysteries of credit cards. I am happy to say, I don’t have any credit card debt. I am not chained and enslaved by it. Yes have I have a great credit score but it was not so, long ago but I learned. Learn now so you don’t regret it later.


You need credit in order to purchase a car (w/o cosigners), a house, etc. Even though I detest credit cards, they have given me my credit score. When you don’t really need to use your card, use this rule of thumb: “If you have it (money), buy it (whatever it is that you want to buy), if you don’t…don’t (use a credit card).” I use this advice.

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