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Dorm Cooking: Tips and Recipes


When I went to college, I was a bit on the shy side. I didn’t eat in the college cafeteria. I didn’t know anything about the dreaded freshmen 15 epidemic, which seems to worry students. I walked everywhere and ate moderately. I placed a video down below, called “Avoiding the Freshman 15” by Well Cast. I found it interesting, informative, and worth sharing.  I had canned tuna and the standard starving student meal, “Ramen Noodles.” Which can be quite delicious if you put a dash of good soy sauce and sesame seed oil. These flavors give this modest simple meal, a touch of gourmet.


Yes it’s true! Always go grocery shopping on a full stomach. I recently found a little gem, for those occasions when I want some cake and don’t want to make too much. It’s made in the microwave and in a mug. It’s called the Duncan Hines, Perfect Size for 1. There are many varieties of these single serving cake/muffin type of desserts to choose from. Don’t forget to buy mainly non processed foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. They will keep your mind sharp and alert. It’s better to stay healthy so that you can be mentally fit for your tests. I know that when my diet was weak, I felt weak, tired, and unfocused.  When in doubt, always make sure to always consult your doctor for a diet that is right for you.


Many dorms have a kitchen which you can reserve. You can easily prep a weeks worth of meals as well as snacks. I reserved the kitchen on several occasions. I would take advantage of being able to use a stove and I would boil a dozen eggs. I would have the protein that  I needed during the week. Bento boxes, also known as compartment containers make meal prepping convenient. You can find quite a variety of Bento boxes on Amazon. Make sure you get the right size for you and make sure it will fit your mini fridge properly.  Nonperishable foods can be stored in a cool dark place like your closet/pantry.  Below, I have added a YouTube video by Mind Over Matter called, “Bento Box Lunches 2.” You’ll find tons of healthy and very simple recipes to lunches that you can take with you. I put a link below for bento boxes on Amazon.


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